Nonequilibrium Physics at Short Time Scales: Formation of Correlations

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Jump to: navigation , search. G 38 journal , Laser-driven nonlinear cluster dynamics: from single- and multiphoton excitations to the strong-field domain Th. Suraud, Springer, Berlin, Dynamics of clusters and molecules in contact with an environment P. Reinhard, M. Suraud, Wiley, Berlin, Analysis of cluster dynamics K.

Morawetz, Springer, Berlin, Photodynamics of nanoclusters M. Bender, J. Maruhn, Comm. A 2 Nonlinear electron dynamics in metal clusters F. Calvayrac, P. Suraud, C. Ullrich, Phys. Suraud, in " Cluster Physics " edts. Greiner, Elsevier, Amsterdam, On electron dynamics in violent cluster excitations P. Suraud, J. Cluster Science 10 Stopping power in highly correlated plasmas G.

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Zwicknagel, C. Toepffer, P. Abe, S. Ayik, P. Reinhard, C. Toepffer, Int. E 3 Skyrme-Hartree-Fock calculations of the nuclear ground state P.

RNDr. Anděla Kalvová CSc.

It may also have impact on the discovery of new phenomena and is focused in part on how to prepare and manipulate quantum mechanical states to perform quantum computation and novel electronic device functions. Some full text articles may not yet be available without a charge during the embargo administrative interval. Some links on this page may take you to non-federal websites.

Their policies may differ from this site. Vernek, P. Orellana, G. Lara, E. Kim, A. Feiguin, E. Anda, and G. Avella and F. Feiguin, F. Heidrich- Meisner, G. Orso and W.

Abstracts - MPSD Workshop on Non-equilibrium phenomena at short length scales and in low dimensions

Please report errors in award information by writing to: awardsearch nsf. Search Awards. Recent Awards. World Scientific. For a discussion of the standard uncertainty relations for mixed states see, e. We remark that a shorter, one line, proof of the uncertainty relations for mixed states follows from the fact that any density matrix may be expressed in terms of pure states [46, 47].

These conditions need not always hold. D20 Belavkin, V. Quantum continual measurements and a posteriori collapse on CCR - Foroozani, N.. Misra, B.. APS Physics,18, Wolf, F.

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  8. A Watched Pot Never Boils - Strictly speaking, a finite interval of the internal energy densities corresponds to the single melting and other coexistence temperature s. This width of this interval is set by the latent heat of fusion at the melting temperature. At other temperatures in which no phase coexistence appears, there is a unique internal energy density a sharp thermodynamic state variable T associated with every temperature T.

    Long-range correlations in non-equilibrium diffusive systems by Tridib Sadhu

    Our focus is on Hamiltonians for which equilibration arises. For completeness, we note that our generally derived broadening of the distribution P 0 in driven systems would imply relations similar to Eq. Goldstein, S..

    source link Extremely quick thermalization in a macroscopic quantum system for a typical nonequilibrium subspace - APS Physics,17, On the time scales in the approach to equilibrium of macroscopic quantum systems - Sachdev, S.. Bruin, J. Zaanen, J.. Superconductivity: Why the temperature is high - Nussinov, S.. Decoherence due to thermal effects in two quintessential quantum systems - Theory of universal incoherent metallic transport - Hartnoll, Sean A.

    Nature Phys. Eyring, H.. The Activated Complex in Chemical Reactions - Ensemble inequivalence in systems with long-range interactions - Leyvraz, Francois et al.

    Finite Systems in Nonequilibrium: From Quantum Quench to the Formation of Strong Correlations

    Inequivalence of ensembles in a system with long range interactions - Barre', Julien et al. Statistical mechanics and dynamics of solvable models with long-range interactions - Campa, Alessandro et al. Murata, Y.. Prethermalization - Berges, J. Gring, M.. Relaxation and Pre-thermalization in an Isolated Quantum System - B89 no. Kitagawa, T.. The dynamics and prethermalization of one dimensional quantum systems probed through the full distributions of quantum noise - Far-from-equilibrium field theory of many-body quantum spin systems: Prethermalization and relaxation of spin spiral states in three dimensions - Babadi, Mehrtash et al.

    X5 no. Zanotto, E. The glassy state of matter: Its definition and ultimate fate - Weingartner, N. A phase space approach to supercooled liquids and a universal collapse of their viscosity - Since the energy density is bounded from below by its ground state value g.

    Formation of Correlations