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The bigger issue is that the immigrants in question are Muslim, not that they are immigrants.

European Islam: Is it possible?

Importantly, anti-Muslim sentiment also affects Muslims who are already citizens. The ongoing debate then is less about immigration and more about integration. Relations with the Islamic World Twitter shadihamid. This paper argues that anti-Muslim and anti-Islam sentiment should be considered as defining features of right-wing populism.

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Moreover, the extent to which a given populist party—which might otherwise be ambiguously positioned on a left-right spectrum—can be considered right-wing is closely related to its positions on Islam-related questions. Thus it asks Muslims to be alarmed about each symbolic element such as headscarves, what to eat and what to listen to.

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As a result, such a ritualistic interpretation becomes a boundary; it does not help Muslims easily to mix with non-Muslims. Instead, ritualistic Islam defines religiosity in terms of living according to ritual. Thus, a practicing Muslim has a poor chance socialising with Europeans in daily life, since modern European life is based on individual freedom.

As a result, interaction between Muslims and non-Muslim communities in Europe mostly take place through various ceremonial events such as conferences or other programmes. Such ceremonial social interactions are proof of poor daily relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

A key issue is the role of organised Islamic movements in Europe, which have their roots in different Muslim countries. Many Muslims in Europe have different types of connections to such Islamic movements, but none of these groups has an idea of developing a European Islam.

What if Islam Had Conquered Europe?

Part of this problem is the intellectual poverty of key Islamic figures who inspire European Muslims, but have a weak connection with European intellectual debates. Their prime interest is rather to consolidate their followers in line with group identity and interests.

No, Europe isn't returning to the bosom of Islam - Europe -

The issue of women is an important matter of the debate. Frankly speaking, even the approach of moderate Islamic groups towards women is on the fringe of most European standards. Paypal Carta di credito prosegui. Muslim women in Bosnia [Cezary Wojtkowski - Shutterstock].

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After the attacks of and , jihadist radicalization once more catalysed the attention of the media, the political world and the security services. The Muslim presence in Europe is characterized by a multiplicity of currents and movements, however.


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