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Turns out, the trick to sticking with a sport is finding something you actually enjoy. Go, Habs, go! My favorite sports to watch are tennis and basketball. Jen Hickman Ante Up : I played various sports as a kid, but as an adult not so much. StarCraft was my first love; I learned so much about how to play better from watching and deeply enjoyed the crazy strategies players would use to mess with each other.

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For a hot second one of my brothers was in the Smash competitive community, so I also absorbed a lot from that. Rica March Dead Heat : I used to be really active when I was a kid — horseback riding, swimming, dog sledding — and then I had to have back surgery which meant no more sports for me! I still keep an eye on the Iditarod and go see a horse race once a year — my mom trained racehorses as a teen, so that part runs in the family.

As an adult I walk and hike, because I enjoy fitness and need to straighten out my back after working at a desk all day. Yoga stretching also feels pretty great after painting for hours!

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But I did a little bit of classical dancing and the love for watching all the sports blending grace and strength and skill, stayed with me. Nowadays I just do yoga not to have drawing all day completely destroy my back! Jey Pawlik Touchdown : I used to be big into sports as a kid — my dad would take me to baseball practice every week and I was pretty involved in a bunch at school. But it all started to go downhill when I broke a bone and dislocated my knee.

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I played a little bit of soccer and softball until I got older and decided I wanted to play the drums instead. Even though I strayed away from sports a little bit I still had that connection from playing in the marching band at football games and stuff. AG Press More. Michetz - Near mint - 1 Silk-screen s More.

Paolo E. Serpieri - Mint - 2 Album - ed. Alessandro More.

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Formaat: 28 x 38 cm. Diverse - Good - 39 Album - Diverse More. Formats divers - Mint - 5 Ex libris More. Very good - 28 Comic s - ed. Ediperiodici More. Renaud - Mint - 11 Ex libris - Divers formats More. Pichard, Georges - Good - 4 Album More.

Milo Manara - Very good - 5 Print More. Dominic Fuskowich - Mint - 1 Print More. Glittering More. Delaby, Philippe - Mint - 5 Portfolio More.

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Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - Near mint - 1 Print - ed. Scarabeo More. Lubrix e. Comicom More. Alex Varenne - Good - 4 Album More.


Serpieri - Mint - 1 Print - Size: cm 34x44 More. Diverse auteurs - Very good - 34 Album - Diverse uitgevers More. Roberto Baldazzini - Mint - 1 Portfolio - ed.

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Little Nemo More. Verschillende - Good - 43 Erotic comics and magazines More. Guido Crepax - Mint - 8 Promotional material More. Massimo Rotundo - Very fine - 1 Original artwork More. Size: 29,7 x 42 cm. Maxemmed - Very fine - 2 Original artwork - www. Format: 27 x 35 cm. Polifemo - Very fine - 1 Original artwork More. Size: 27 x 40 cm. Three more stories appeared in Algemeen Dagblad between and The first of these, 'Kabaal om een varkensleren koffer', was published in Dutch, German and Danish by Arboris. Bob Evers - 'Een overval in de lucht'. All further books were released by Boumaar. The fourth story, 'De strijd om het goudschip', saw its first publication on the weblog of the authors. The final installment, 'Een overval in de lucht', appeared in Rob van Bavel's relaunched Eppo magazine in , and subsequently in book format by Boumaar.

Help Me, Rhonda! For several reasons, the comic remained unfinished and was shelved for years. After meeting Kolk again at the Castle Groeneveld, Van Oudenaarden resumed the project and reworked Kolk's original plot into a multi-layered psychological thriller in three parts.

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The comic is serialized in Eppo magazine since , and additionally published in book format by Don Lawrence Collection. For these foreign editions, the artist uses the pen name Vano.

For the Dutch StripGlossy, he has furthermore made a "behind the scenes" spin-off called 'Meisje van Papier'