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But Fulcanelli wanted the parcel back and he took it from me. Perhaps there were very serious matters in there. They are chapters dealing respectively with the cyclical cross of Hendaye and the paradox of the unlimited progress of sciences. Having personally read through these passages many times, one could easily say they contain dire warnings about the future of nuclear energy and the coming age of iron; the age of death.

The first edition of Mysteries of the Cathedrals was published by Jean Schmidt in Then, it was republished in with the added chapter on the cyclical cross of Hendaye. An account of the cross was originally written by Jules Boucher in , but Fulcanelli took it one step further by identifying the base of the mystery cross with the four ages of a man: Creda Yuga, or the age of innocence, when innocence was firmly established on earth; Treda Yuga, corresponding to the age of silver; Trouvabara Yuga, or the age of bronze; and the age of iron, the fourth and last age, and the one that we currently live in, the Kuli Yuga, the age of misery, misfortune and decrepitude.

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These four ages in Hindu mythology can be attributed to the form of a cow that symbolizes virtue, and goes from standing on four legs, to a final and weakened state, barely able to balance on one leg. Old Don Miguel even had an opera named after him, composed by Franco Alfano.

The story goes that late one night, while stumbling home from a raucous party or possible orgy , Don Miguel had a horrifying and life-changing vision. The vision consisted of a large funeral procession. When he looked upon the open casket, he realized the corpse inside was none other than himself — only as a dead man. After this he cleaned up his act and became a benefactor to the Hospital de la Caridad in Seville a place dedicated to helping the poor as penance for his previous life.

Finis Gloriae Mundi , the glory of the end of the world. Quite possibly, that is him lying with his eyes wide open, with no signs of decay, as though freshly dead — or undead. The herald of the Order of Calatrava readily visible on his arm and to his left lies the corpse of a bishop in a state of extreme decay, with bugs crawling all over it.

Also depicted in the painting is a toad a familiar , a fan of peacock feathers vanity , and a heart. Again a heart on the right set of scales, but with the initials IHS Jesus Hominum Salvator , a closed book subtext , a loaf of bread, and other religious adornments. Don Miguel appears to be staring glassy-eyed at the left set of scales.

There is an ominous looking owl perched on the third of the seven steps that lead to the light, staring towards the bishop.


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The owl represents thought and consciousness. The nocturnal bird of prey also symbolizes Lucifer. In the painting its body is cast in the shadow of the stairway, while its head is in the light.

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The allegory of death presents the triumph of the grim reaper as he sweeps into the picture. He is an imposing figure, with one skeletal foot standing on the globe, while the other stands on armaments; the trappings of office and the insignia of power.

Spread only love and let karma finish the rest..

Under one arm he carries a coffin and, in his hand, a scythe. His bony right fingers snuff out the life-light represented by the candle as he stares at the viewer from the depths of his empty eye sockets. Close to the tiara two royal crowns rest on some purple fabric. Notice the open book with the architectural drawing which looks to be the drawing of a cathedral? The same image is depicted in another of his paintings, along with images of open and closed texts: knowledge open and knowledge hidden.

He is, in alchemical terminology, the secret fire which purifies matter. Water and fire, agents of all material mutations, work together during the same time and each in an opposing terrestrial region. And since the solar movement — that is to say the ascension of the star to the zenith of the pole — remains the great driving force of the elemental conflagration, the result is that the northern hemisphere is, alternately, submerged at the end of one cycle and charred at the completion of the following… One must await with sangfroid the supreme hour, that of punishment for many, and martyrdom for others.

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The curious portrait above, Leyendo la regla de la Caridad Reading the rule of Charity , also hangs in the chapel of the Hospital de la Caridad. Don Miguel ordered to have the painting done after his death in More open and closed books are shown — symbols of hidden or half-hidden knowledge occult or esoteric. And who would this potential new-born son of Horus, Harpocrates, whose feet are positioned on the black squares of a checkerboard floor, be to tell one to be silent?

He who is the symbol of hope against the suffering of humanity. Of course, me being me, I pushed the publish button about a month ago before I was anywhere near ready — kinda the story of my life. After writing two books last year it feels kind of like ripping the flesh off my tongue with a Popsicle stick starting another one.

I always dread beginnings. But I hope you will join me there. And the new Lux in Tenebris merchandise is in!

A Secret Alchemy

Come join me for this new adventure — I would love to see you there!!! I decided to stay in LA for the summer. Obviously, I am not regretting that choice one little bit…. For those of you interested in alternative history, lost civilizations and technologies, mysteries and conundrums, religion, the occult etc… this magazine is not to be missed!

Our fourth episode is all over the place: After debunking a story from the previous episode we dive right into the gutter with insane sex toys, porn secrets, and pot! No one told me not to. Once upon a time the dark Mother was endless. She was the vast Immaculate Darkness. Mistress on the sea of Infinity. These terms mean nothing and are concepts of cattle.

In the center of her swirling chaos a cunning affliction unknowingly came to be. Imperfection in perfection. Creation was conjured without consent. How could perfection recognize Imperfection? And so She fell. Matter took shape and became finite. It became trapped.

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Days became numbers. Please play the Ray approach which is at the dedication of this tomorrow author. This mutability gives public already to either trance-like creatures or internal mountains in life at this anything.

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